About me

I work with architects, designers, academics, technical and third sector organisations. I offer thoughtful copywriting, marketing communications, research, and strategic advice. All delivered with a keen eye for detail and an appetite to learn (which also makes me a useful addition to the pub quiz team).



How I can help you

Simply put, I help you understand who your audience is and how to appeal to them. Whether that’s research, repositioning a brand, writing a publication, or answering the right questions in the right way, I take the time to understand your organisation no matter how technical, complex, or academic, and retell your story in a language your audience can engage with. All without losing the integrity of your own tone of voice.

I’ve been working in marketing and communications for over a decade, for organisations large and small. My creative background lends me a natural affinity with design, architectural and third sector practices, but in all honesty I love a good puzzle, so technical and academic clients always present an appealing challenge.

If you are looking for engaging copywriting, compelling communications, down to earth advice on your marketing strategy, or help with your social media, then please get in touch.


What I do

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with talented, inspiring and curious people over the years. Here are a few of my favourites so far…

Very Own Studio

Kind words

“I can’t recommend Shelley highly enough – she is so friendly, calm and professional; she uses her experience, expertise and knowledge of architecture and design and (crucially) talks to the right people to get the job done brilliantly. I have really valued her advice and support.”
Anna Bazeley,
Head of Communications, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

“Shelley has this amazing intuitive understanding of her client's needs – she could capture the tone I wanted perfectly. She always made sure I had excellent copy, and well on time.”
Emma Englishby,
Web Design & Google Analytics

“Shelley knows her stuff - it’s not everyday you can say that. Her forward thinking approach is highly valuable in digital marketing and it’s a pleasure to work with someone who understands this.”
Roberto Ciarleglio,
Managing Director, Contra Agency

“Shelley is a fabulous person to have as part of any team. She's super organised and always brings that extra sparkle of creativity to her projects. A great professional in her field.”
Claire Schiltz,
then PR Manager, RMJM

“Shelley is both tactical and practical - by which I mean she thinks strategically and comes up with sound concepts, but, perhaps unusually, she will also create quality content and deliver those concepts.”
Mark Ferguson,
Creative Director, Very Own Studio